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Choosing a standard


Mould & Die Solutions are in the unique position in South Africa of being able to supply all three commonly used standards - Euro Standard, Dme Standard and Vap  Standard.

  • The world-wide trend is that mould manufacturers are moving towards the Euro standard, primarily because of the trust they have in certain well known German brands. In addition, this standard has become the most freely available.The situation is fast approaching the "tipping point", whereby the majority of consumers will demand this standard.

  • Vap was originally introduced into the Spanish market as a "modified" Euro equivalent, in an attempt to lock customers into using the Vap brand. Some of the components have identical specifications to the Euro standard, whilst others are slightly different. In 2010 the originators of the Vap standard, Vap Spain, closed. However this standard is still extremely popular, especially in the Spanish market, and various manufacturers produce it.

  • The DME standard has been around for a long time and is still popular in South Africa. For many years it had the price advantage over certain Euro brands. However, in recent years, due to the increasing popularity of the  Euro Standard,even DME themselves have recognised the need to offer both their traditional DME sizes as well as the Euro standard.

All our mould components are imported from reputable international companies - those who comply in terms of ethics, reliability and quality, and whith whom we have developed long-term sustainable relationshps.


Download the Mould Base Specification Sheets here:

Euro Standard:

VAP Standard:

DME Standard:

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